custom made for your waste containers

"Drive In" is not a litter bin, it is a bin housing for a wheeled bin. Standard two-wheel 120, 140, 240 and 360 litre plastic bins can be integrated discreetly into their surroundings.

Drive In is the new container shelter which greatly extends the range of use of 2-wheel waste bins. Visually distinctive areas with a high footfall especially benefit from these new facilities. At the same time they offer more safety and functionality in two robust housing versions.

Attractive styling

  • Pleasant integration into the cityscape
  • Waste bins can now be used even in up-market areas
  • Ideal for public and private areas
  • They can be installed in a row
  • Easy positioning of the waste bin
  • Less mess around the bins

New Possibilities

  •     New application for waste containers
  •     Less vandalism through enclosed design with rounded edges
  •     For areas with high footfall
  •     Also for temporary use at events
  •     Two housing versions
  •     Robust construction secured to the ground
  •     More safety and functionality
Drive In P 120 Liter
Drive In P 240 Liter
Drive In R 120 Liter
Drive In R 240 Liter
Drive In R 360 Liter