Environmental Report


Dear Readers

With its products and services, ESE World B.V. ranks as one of the market leaders for temporary waste storage solutions. This sustainability report clearly shows that we not only talk about saving resources, protecting the environment and being responsible for future generations, but our company actually makes this happen effectively.

We make an important contribution to the sustainable positive eco-balance of our customers in the waste management industry with our intelligent, innovative product solutions and services. With containers optimised for stacking and transporting, our production facilities close to the customer along with on-site recycling services, these factors enable us to lower our transport costs and hence significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Our container systems are designed to be cost-effective and recycling-friendly, letting us achieve a 100 percent recycling rate. In 2013, new containers will, on average, consist of around 50 percent high-quality recycled materials, thanks to our development work and advanced technologies. We are also proud of the fact that our modern production facilities operate on a principle of zero-waste.

As you can see, our sustainability strategy is comprehensive and forward-looking.

I hope you will find it informative and motivating reading.

René P M Wolfkamp
Chief Executive Officer ESE World BV (until 31.08.2014)


>> Brochure Environmental Report (pdf)