New Swedish agreement benefitting Circular Economy Strategy


For ESE using recycled material in the production of bins is a big part of its sustainability strategy but ESE‘s concept is not limited to that.

Customers in waste management increasingly focus on their own sustainability targets. This helps preparing the ground for our business models which take into account the other circles of the Circular Economy model. Such business models become more important today when greenhouse gas emissions threaten our climate more and more.

In Malmö in Sweden ESE’s daughter company PWS has recently signed an agreement with the waste management companies VA Syd, SUEZ and Urbaser. ESE provides a full-service bin and warehouse management. Apart from stock management this consists of check, cleaning and repair of returned bins. Parts broken beyond repair will go into recycling and all functioning parts will be reused.

The impact on the environment is large. To reuse and refurbish reduces the emission of greenhouse gases massively and has a positive impact beyond recycling.

ESE’s container design is the precondition for these solutions. Modular, future-proof and adaptable bins are ready for future requirements, no matter if parts need to be replaced, if waste streams or volumes need to be easily adapted or if waste politics or law change.