240 DIN PL Third wheel

Technical data
  • Volume (L): 240
  • Weight (kg): approx. 14
  • Permissible total weight (kg): max. 110
  • Material: HDPE, UV-stabilized
  • Wheels: 2 rubber wheels Ø 250mm
    corrosion free steel axle
    1 wheel (with brake) approx. Ø 125mm
  • Lid / Body: 2 hinge pins
    lid with lip handle and a handle in the middle of the lid
    continuous handle: approx. Ø 28 mm
    integrated foot board as standard
  • Coloured lid clip for fraction identification (can also be fitted later)
  • Pad lock, gravity and triangular lock
  • Recycling inserts for glass, paper and packaging
  • Round or rectangular aperture with lid
  • Lid in lid
  • Individual identification
  • Noise reduction
  • Identification systems
  • Divider vertical
  • AFNOR comb receiver
  • Wheels Ø 310mm