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Correctly store and charge lithium ion batteries

Electric mowers, vacuum cleaners, e-bikes and cordless power tools are everywhere – and what they all have in common is lithium ion batteries. But while these small cells can be a handy source of portable power they can also harbour potential hazards. Batteries that are faulty or have not been fully discharged are especially likely to cause fires and, in the worst case scenario, explosions.

In certain circumstances (for instance if there is a short circuit within the cells), there is a risk that lithium ion batteries could themselves ignite. The resulting flames can reach temperatures of over 1200 °C. These flames can very rapidly cause surrounding objects to catch alight. In most cases it is then impossible to stop the fire from spreading.

The RETRON BOX makes for an ideal method of fire prevention by offering flame protection. If lithium ion batteries are stored, transported or charged inside the RETRON BOX, the risk of potential ignition spreading to the surrounding area is significantly reduced. In addition, the RETRON BOX provides protection from flying fragments of the battery and casing.

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Fig. 1: RETRON BOX incl. gas release holes with flame-retardant grille on the rear.
Approved for the transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with 4A/X29/S/../D/BAM 15774-OTTO2.