Appointment of ESE CFO Claudius Bensberg as member of the Senate of Economy


Claudius Bensberg, CFO of the ESE group, has been appointed as member of the German Senate of Economy.

The Senate of Economy consists of individuals from the fields of economics, science and society who jointly wish to contribute to an eco-human market economy at national and international levels. To support the economy in the interest of the public good is in the centre of the association’s activities.

Further aims of the association are ecological sustainability for the conservation of human, nature and environment for the following generations and social sustainability in the sense of a sustainable, livable society that enables fair participation for all its members.

The ESE group’s business strategy is determined by its core value “Responsibility” and therefore consequently aimed towards sustainability. ESE’s corporate culture and policy therefore is in accordance with the visions and activities of the Senate of Economy.

For more than 25 years already ESE focuses in research and development on the use of recycled material and on resource-conserving production. Today ESE produces eco-friendly containers for waste and recyclables from up to 100% recycled plastics. ESE thus supports municipalities in green public procurement and its customers in achieving their environmental goals.
In his role as a senator Claudius Bensberg assumes as his main task to promote these aims for sustainability and responsibility towards environment, humans and economy on a larger level.

On 27 November 2015 the Certificate of Appointment will be presented to Claudius Bensberg on occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the Senate in the Bavarian parliament.

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