Historical Milestones

Over 80 years of know how and experience


Berry Global Group, Inc. and RPC Group Plc. are merging to become a leading supplier of sophisticated products and one of the world’s largest plastic packaging operations. The group will comprise nearly 300 companies and about 48,000 employees worldwide.


ESE World B.V. becomes part of plastics leader RPC Group Plc.


ESE becomes the first manufacturer of  waste and recycling containers to be awarded the Blue Angel environmental label. A comprehensive range of plastic 2 and 4-wheel bins are now entitled to bear this famous environmental label. "

The Split Lid for the 1100 L 4-wheel bin is an innovation on the market. Safe, user-friendly and economical, it combines the advantages of flat and round lids."


The brands Rheinwerk and ESE merge to the brand ESE


Launch of the CL series. The 2-wheel bins of the new line are resolutely sustainability-oriented."


Change of name from OTTO to ESE WORLD
The new Ingenio underground system is launched


Stirling Square Capital Partners and the ESE Management take over the ESE Group from the OTTO family

The new Semio semi-underground system is launched


Completion of the SL series


OTTO invests in a new 5,500 t injection moulding machine and a body mould for 1,100 l containers. This doubles the production capacity for 4 wheel containers


The SL series is launched: a range of products for optimal side loading

The first series of underground and semi-underground systems completes the range of products on offer


The first plastic container with a flat lid and volume of 1100 l

The "Stahl-Kombi" (Steel Combi) unites the 1100 l plastic and metal container


The production of plastic container banks using the rotomoulding process is launched


Extension of the 2-wheel/4-wheel product portfolio from 60-1,700 l


Introduction of the Mekam system - this multi-compartment container can collect two types of waste in one container


OTTO invests in the largest injection moulding machine so far in Germany for its 1100 l waste container


Launch of the classic line: the 240 litre 2 wheel container is introduced. What is known as the DIN comb pickup, an OTTO patent, becomes the world standard


First 35-110 l circular plastic bins


Willi Otto develops an innovative low-dust bin lifter


Six brothers establish OTTO in Kreuztal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It´s the beginning of the steel container production

>> OTTO was the Original!

The 80-year-old history of the company stands for evolving tradition and enduring customer loyalty. Systems for handling and collecting waste are and remain ESE's core business.

OTTO recognised at an early stage that waste management is above all a matter of improving the sequences of the process. Great skill in processing is expressed today in the breadth of the services ESE offers you.